A New Choice for Luggage Storage and Temporary Item Storage

In modern urban life, finding a convenient and secure place to store personal belongings can often be a headache. However, Storeasy eLocker, a brand new service, is here to solve this problem. Storeasy eLocker is smaller and more convenient compared to traditional storage, and it offers shorter rental periods ranging from one hour to a maximum of seven days. Through the Storeasy app, you can easily rent, make payments, and access your storage unit online, eliminating the hassle of cumbersome procedures. Unlike traditional coin-operated lockers or parcel lockers, eLocker provides intelligent management and online payment functions, allowing you to access your stored items multiple times during the rental period without any additional charges.

Different from traditional lockers and parcel lockers

Storeasy eLocker rental system is an innovative service in 2023. By renting through a mobile app, it provides great convenience. With just a few simple steps, you can easily rent a Storeasy eLocker without having to spend time on cumbersome rental procedures. Simply download the Storeasy app, and you can easily complete rental, payment, and locker access operations.

In addition to the convenient rental system, eLocker offers flexible rental periods ranging from one hour to a maximum of seven days. This means that whether you need to temporarily store items or require long-term storage, Storeasy eLocker can meet your needs. No longer bound by fixed rental periods, you can flexibly choose the rental duration based on your actual needs and only pay for the period you use.

The Storeasy app interface allows users to search for nearby eLockers and view detailed information.
The user interface of the Storeasy app allows you to easily find nearby eLockers and storage lockers.
Storeasy eLocker provides multiple sizes to accommodate different usage needs.
Storeasy eLocker offers a minimum rental period of one hour and a maximum of seven days to choose from.

Smartification of Lockers and Parcel Lockers

Another feature that sets eLocker apart from traditional coin-operated lockers is its remote management function through the app. With the Storeasy app, you can check the availability of eLockers at any time. This means you don’t have to waste time visiting the locker location in person to confirm if there are available lockers. Simply use your mobile phone to instantly check the status of the lockers, saving you valuable time and effort.

Storeasy eLocker Sizes and Prices

Storeasy eLocker offers a variety of locker sizes to cater to different storage needs. Whether you need to store large luggage, household appliances, or personal items, eLocker can provide the appropriate locker size. From large lockers that can accommodate a person’s size to small lockers suitable for storing handbags, you can choose the most suitable locker size based on your needs.

eLocker size
(Width x Depth x Height cm)
hourly daily
Extra Small 24x42x32 NT$20
Small 28x48x54 NT$30
Small-1 32x57x40 NT$40
Small-2 32x57x54 NT$50
Small-3 32x57x84 NT$60
Small-4 35x42x40 NT$30
Small-5 47x49x42 NT$50
Medium 100x76x79 NT$70
Medium-1 67x55x75 NT$60
Large 100x76x163 NT$150

※Due to construction constraints and manual measurements, on-site locker dimensions may have an error margin of ±5%.

Quick Storage and Multiple Access, with Storeasy eLocker

Storeasy’s eLocker brings you a whole new storage experience. No longer limited by the size and rental period of traditional lockers, you can now rent, pay, and access lockers anytime, anywhere through the mobile app, allowing flexible storage of your items. Moreover, the intelligent management and remote viewing capabilities of eLocker make the entire process more convenient and efficient. Whether you need temporary storage or medium-to-long-term storage, eLocker can meet your needs. Come and experience this innovative parcel locker service that securely and orderly stores your belongings.